About us


We will be recognized as The organisation in the world which cares most about draft beer dispense.


To deliver innovative high quality products and new solutions to the global draft beer market.


  • Privately owned Danish group
  • Headquarter in Odense
  • Company founded in 1953
  • Represented worldwide
  • Turnover more than € 182 Million
  • 745 employees
  • Today

    Micro Matic employees worldwide are dedicated to bring you innovative leading-edge products and services that makes it easier for our customers. We have supplied a broad foundation of new and innovative beer dispensing solutions, defined new levels of industry customer service, pioneered beer dispensing educational programs and developed creative new point of sale merchandising.

    Worldwide Leader

    Worldwide we are market leader in the supply of spears and dispense heads to the brewing industry. We have changed the rules on the liquid transfer of commodity chemicals with the introduction of the EPV system, a closed system disposable plastic valve.


    Customers require products with proven performance, durability and cost-effectiveness, from an organization with a long history of experience, know-how and a core commitment to customer service, which deliver innovative quality products.

    Customer Relationships

    Our commitment to building strong customer relationships helps optimize our supply chain to provide best-in-class service. We continue to strengthen our global sales team and online communication to ensure that our customers receive the latest information in technology and service. Sustainable investment in new and innovative products and services is the cornerstone of our success.


    Partnerships with our customers and a passion for knowledge and customer education have brought significant value to the industries we serve. In these areas, our focus is cutting edge. Throughout the history of the company, innovation with a practical view has been essential to the companies success criteria; we believe that practical solutions deliver optimum results for our customers.

    Micro Matic Family

    Micro Matic is the parent company of Elogic Systems A/S. To read more, please visit the website below:


    Micro Matic entered business in 1953. As with most great enterprises, Micro Matic company's beginnings were modest. With constant focus on innovating practical customer solutions Micro Matic grew from its humble beginning to a global leading company with manufacturing and sales locations across the globe.

    1953 - Foundation of Micro Matic
    1968 - Micro Matic was converted into a limited company
    1974 - Present shareholders acquired the company
    1981 - Micro Matic A/S relocated to a new building at Holkebjergvej, Odense - present headquarter
    1983 - Micro Matic Germany and Micro Matic Luxembourg were established.
    1985 - Micro Matic A/S was floated on the Danish Stock Exchange
    1988 - Acquisition of Draft Systems Inc., renamed to Micro Matic USA Inc.
    1994 - Micro Matic China was established
    1998 - Acquisition of Thelen & Rodenkirchen, renamed to Micro Matic GmbH.
    1998 - Acquisition of Richard Millington Ltd., renamed to Micro Matic Ltd.
    1999 - Acquisition of Draft Services Inc. and Johnson Enterprises Inc., which became a part of Micro Matic USA Inc.
    2000 - Current Shareholders acquired all shares and de-listed the company from the Danish Stock Exchange.
    2001 - Micro Matic Dispense Service Ltd. and Micro Matic Dispense Service Scandinavia were established
    2002 - Acquisition of EAC Japan
    2002 - Micro Matic Dispense Service was established
    2004 - Acquisition of SC Beverage AB and establishing of MM Service Center AB
    2004 - Establishing of Micro Matic UAB
    2015 - Nielsen & Nielsen Holding changed name to Micro Matic A/S
    2015 - Acquisition of Valpar Ltd., which became a subsidiary of Micro Matic A/S
    2015 - Acquisition of Bech Design, which became a subsidiary of Micro Matic A/S



    Throughout our existence, Micro Matic has been an innovator with a practical view. This guiding philosophy has been essential to the company's success, as we believe that practical solutions deliver optimum results. We never stop listening to our customers.

    Industry Leadership

    Whether, it is revolutionizing the keg beer or chemical industry with safety features, material use or a disposable plastic valve system, ground breaking national education programs or embedding multi-media into draft beer towers, our name is becoming synonymous with leadership.

    Distinctive Products

    Innovation is a way of life at Micro Matic and we are always seeking to develop new, distinctive and innovative products and services with the intention of moving the market forward. Our focus in all new product development is to ensure high quality draft beer.

    Competitive Advantage

    The passion for innovation throughout every thread of the organization consistently provides our customers with sustainable competitive advantage. Innovation is what makes Micro Matic different.

    Committed to Quality

    Committed to Quality

    Our business activities, products and services are all characterized by the quality and pride of accountability that are well known to our customers and lived up to by the employees of Micro Matic.

    Everything We Do

    What we do and how we work is distinctly Micro Matic. Ethics, integrity, innovation, knowledge, experience and quality exist in everything we do.

    It's All About You

    We build our company and our business by listening to and working with our customers. It is the pride in our work and ourselves that takes the best from our past and expresses it in the spirit and language of Micro Matic today.



    Business conditions and solutions are tailored to customers with highest respect for the individual ideas and wishes supported by natural confidentiality as characterized by Micro Matic. Being a global partner to all breweries worldwide require optimum respect and commitment for the perfect business relationship.


    Knowledge & Experience

    Core competency is defined as those tasks, which an organization does best. At Micro Matic, our core competency is knowledge, experience and relationship.

    50 Years Experience

    With over 50 years of industry experience in innovation, engineering, manufacturing and distribution, we remain a dynamic and energetic worldwide leader in the support of and commitment to the beverage and chemical industries.


    Environmental Awareness

    Over the years Micro Matic has been awarded several times for its commitment in thinking, designing and acting environmentally correctly, being in production or product innovation.

    Micro Matic Industrial has benefited from its success in the brewing industry by using its know-how and expertise to develop valve systems for environmental protection in the chemical industry.