Quality & Sustainability

Our business activities, products and services are all characterized by the quality and pride of accountability that are well known to our customers and lived up to by the employees of Micro Matic.

What we do and how we work is distinctly Micro Matic. Ethics, integrity, innovation, knowledge, experience and quality exist in everything we do.

We build our company and our business by listening to and working with our customers. It is the pride in our work and ourselves that takes the best from our past and expresses it in the spirit and language of Micro Matic today.

Quality is our most important focus points and we did inaugurate a TEST LAB in our headquarter in Odense, to insure that we constantly live up to our high standards.
In our in-house TEST LAB we can carry out most international tests and collaborate with leading international test centres.

The TEST LAB is collaborating directly with our INNOVATION LAB who make running test during development to ensure all new products are developed with the maximum attention to necessary standards and requirements.
All running productions are frequently tested to ensure our quality and to constantly focus on optimizing the quality of our products.

Responsibilty & Respect
Over the years Micro Matic has earned a reputation for our commitment in thinking, designing and acting environmentally correctly.
We focus on making long lasting quality products as a benefit for the environment but also on safe disposal and reuse of many components.

As an integrated part of our Cooperate Social Responsibility policy, we believe in taking care of and developing our human resources as a fundamental issue in our company.