Increase your profit with Flexi-Draft

At Micro Matic, we know that a good draft sells more beer, and our Flexi-Draft system helps ensure the quality of the beer you serve. The Flexi-Draft system is easy to use and has a fixed temperature and pressure, which makes it possible to serve a perfect beer every time.

Do you know the benefits of using the Flexi-Draft system?

  • - It is easy to use
  • - It eliminates all the costs related to cleaning and maintenance
  • - It reduces the running costs
  • - There is no beer waste
  • - The energy consumption is only half that of a conventional dispense system

You can choose the system most suitable for your business as a built-in-solution, on existing kegs or as a mobile counter. You can also choose a cooling option, and we offer a variety of logos and handles.

See below how easy the Flexi-Draft system works and read our business cases to learn more about how your business can reach the full potential of selling draft beer in your market.