Beverage Dispense

Our Global Network

Our global network of product manufacturing ensures that our customers can buy optimal quality products at the best price. Our global network of Service Centers offer you local support. Quality in the glass is a way of life and everything we do promotes quality from the keg to the glass.


At Micro Matic, we pride ourselves on customer-focused relationships, backed by years of industry experience and integrity. This is the key to our success.

Supply Chain Solutions

Through the years we have developed expertise within integrated Supply Chain Management providing brewery customers with the opportunity to outsource their complete purchasing, warehousing and distribution activities to a specific partner. Thereby enabling higher efficiencies.


Micro Matic provides training for the draft beer employees. This commitment to education is key in partnering with our customers.

It is our ultimate objective to cement our support of industry education by strengthening the image of draft beer on a global basis.