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As the trusted leader in keg spear technology around the world, Micro Matic is dedicated to providing market-leading innovations, proven quality and best-in-class service. From our rigorous, multi-step testing performed on 100% of keg spears produced, to our comprehensive warranties, we are committed to providing the very best to our customers. For us, commitment to high quality means reliability, durability and safety are instilled in every part and piece we produce and ship. In an age where shortcuts are common, we always ensure you’re getting the best.

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Micro Matic keg spears are designed for maximum durability, safety, hygiene, quick filling and are manufactured in stainless steel.



We have modeled our business on a full solution of products, services and support, utilizing a global network tailored for your success.

120 Million Keg Spears produced and delivered since 1969


Micro Matic keg spears are installed in 90% of the world’s kegs

new keg spears

Micro Matic D System (aka American Sankey) Keg Spears are available to every keg manufacturer world-wide, and new/replacement keg spears are available for your used kegs. Insist on Micro Matic keg spears to be installed in the kegs you purchase as new. Contact us to order new spears and for assistance in sizing, keg neck type identification and the exact version of the D System spear you need for kegs you already own.

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We validate and reward your choice to specify Micro Matic spears in the kegs you purchase by driving continuous innovation and by being customer-focused. Our highest goal is to ensure every customer achieves optimum safety and quality assurance for their kegged beverages. We are relentless in delivering world-class service with a commitment to high-level technical support and education for every customer.

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Regional Sales Manager
(Eastern U.S. and Canada)


Tracy Irvin
Inside Sales / Customer Service / Tech Support



We’re looking for people to join us as we continually advance our industry, develop innovative products, and grow the level of quality we’re able to offer our customers. If this sounds like you, look over the positions we have available.

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