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dispensing equipment with years of experience

Since 1946, Andale has provided the Australian brewing industry with beer dispensing equipment of the highest quality.

At the same time, Micro Matic, founded in Denmark in 1953, grew into a worldwide industry-leading draft beer manufacturer.Today, the two companies have joint forces and become MicroMatic Andale - a national and global market leader in supplying keg couplers, keg spears, and dispensing solutions to the brewing industry. With an innovative mindset, a clear investment strategy, and visionary leadership Micro Matic and Micro Matic Andale will continue to be pioneers in the beverage market.

Quality is key in everything we do. Based on our experience, know-how, and commitment to customer service, we create state-of-the-art beer dispensing solutions, pioneer educational programs, and develop creative new point-of-sale merchandising.​​​​​​​


If you need a beverage dispensing solution, we can do it!

Through both national and global distribution centers, we offer best-in-class delivery conditions and numerous value-added services designed to meet your expectations.

From small businesses to large global organizations, Micro Matic adds value to your business through high-quality, intelligent, and flexible solutions.

We tailor our business conditions and solutions to customers with the highest respect for the individual ideas and wishes supported by natural confidentiality as characterized by Andale Micro Matic.

Being a global partner to all breweries and bars world- and nationwide requires optimum respect and commitment for the perfect business relationship.

the journey from andale to andale micro matic

In 2021 Andale became Andale Micro Matic as we combined forces with Micro Matic.
Andale and Micro Matic have been partners for many years, as Andale has been the Australian distributor of Valpar Micro Matic beverage tubing since 1998.

"Becoming part of Micro Matic allows us to utilize positive synergies. We will continue our current business with the addition of valuable knowledge, know-how, and organization from Micro Matic", says Andale CEO Lucas Dale.

Andale Micro Matic thus stays in the Dale family and remains a proud and successful Australian company ensuring high-quality products and best-in-class service through our local showrooms.

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