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history & milestones

The year 2015 was a milestone in Micro Matic history. The company’s production of keg extractor tubes for the draft beer industry reached a total of 100 million.
The number highlights Micro Matic’s unique position on the global market and tells the story about a great product combined with visionary leadership and talented people.

Micro Matic entered business in 1953 and as with most great enterprises, the beginning of Micro Matic were modest. With constant focus on innovating practical customer solutions Micro Matic grew from its humble beginning to a global leading company with manufacturing and sales locations across the globe.

1950-1980: The early days:

1953 - Foundation of Micro Matic

1968 - Micro Matic is converted into a limited company

1970 - Micro Matic starts production of extractor tubes

1974 - C.C. Nielsen and Svend-Aage Nielsen acquires the company

1975 - Micro Matic exports more than 90% of turnover

Old factory

Micro Matic factory 1953-1981, Sanderumvej, Odense

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1940-1970: The early days:

1946 - Foundation of Andale by Henry Anderson and Wally Dale

1947 - First step into beer dispensing equipment

1961 - Design and introduction of the Snaplok®

1968 - Introductiom of the first range of stainless steel beer dispensing equipment to Australia

1980-1990: Shaping the conglomorate

1981 - Micro Matic A/S relocates to a new building at Holkebjergvej, Odense - present headquarter

1983 - Micro Matic Germany and Micro Matic Luxembourg are established.

1985 - Micro Matic A/S is listed on the Danish Stock Exchange

1986 - Micro Matic aquires Triax A/S

1988 - Acquisition of Draft Systems Inc., renamed to Micro Matic USA Inc.

1989 - Micro Matic aquires Nassau Door A/S

Micro Matic factory, Holkebjergvej, Odense

1970-1990: shaping Andale

1986 - Commissioned by CUB to supply the required equipment to convert every hotel in Victoria to Snaplok® stainless steel fittings.

1990-2000: Going global:

1994 - Micro Matic China is established

1998 - Acquisition of Thelen & Rodenkirchen, renamed to Micro Matic GmbH.

1998 - Acquisition of Richard Millington Ltd., renamed to Micro Matic Ltd.

1999 - Acquisition of Draft Services Inc. and Johnson Enterprises Inc., which becomes a part of Micro Matic USA Inc.

2000 - Current Shareholders acquires all shares and de-list the company from the Danish Stock Exchange.

Micro Matic USA, Brooksville, Florida

1990-2000: Andale’s expansion

1991 - Andale and Swann Brewery are making major changes to the way draught beer was dispensed breaking with beer stations and chrome plated brass standard equipment found across Western Australia

1992 - Opening outlets in Adelaide and Brisbane

1990's - Investments in new machinery, higher quality, and increasing manufacturing capabilities with the ability to operate machinery 24 hours a day, seven days a week

1998 - Andale Python P/L is founded becoming  the Australasian distributor for Valpar Industries in beer and postmix python

1999 - Release of the new glycol system to the Australian market

2000-2010: Growing great:

2001 - Micro Matic Dispense Service Ltd. and Micro Matic Dispense Service Scandinavia are established

2002 - Acquisition of EAC Japan

2002 - Micro Matic Dispense Service is established

2004 - Acquisition of SC Beverage AB and establishing of MM Service Center AB

2004 - Establishing of Micro Matic UAB

MM Service Center, Varberg Sweden

2000-2010: Growing great

... - aquiring 6 premises...

2010-   Full focus on beverages:

2013 - Micro Matic acquires BevTec AS, Norway including subsidiaries in Sweden and Finland

2015 - Nielsen & Nielsen Holding changes name to Micro Matic A/S

2015 - Divestment of Triax Multimedia

2015 - Acquisition of Valpar Ltd., which becomes a subsidiary of Micro Matic A/S

2015 - Acquisition of Bech Design, which becomes a subsidiary of Micro Matic A/S

2015 - Acquisition of Elogic systems

2016 - Divestment of Senmatic A/S

2016 - Triax Systems and Elogic merges into new business unit, Elogic Systems A/S

2016 - Divestment of Nassau Door A/S to Assa Abloy

2016 - Micro Matic is awarded with the Danish "E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2016"

2018 - Divestment of Elogic to VIA equity A/S

2021 - Acquisition of Gast Serwis, Poland

​​​​​​​2021 - Acquisition of Andale Beverage Systems, Australia

Valpar Micro Matic, Bangor, Northern Ireland

"E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2016" award

2010 - : a new future

2021 - Andale becomes Andale Micro Matic after acquisition