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Press & Media

In our Press & Media section you can find contact information and hi-res photo gallery for download.

Please feel free to use all materials for research or articles, but please add source whenever publishing materials including our copyrighted materials and trademarks.

In case you need further materials please contact our marketing-department,

​​​​​​​Get in touch

Please use the below Micro Matic media relations contact for inquiries by the media only.

Micro Matic Locations

Søren Klarskov Vilby

Tel: +45 63 17 42 02

Journalists on deadline are recommended to contact Micro Matic by phone rather than e-mail.

Image Gallery

Micro Matic logo in vector-format
Micro Matic Keg Coupler
FlexiDraft™ Copenhagen Tower
Micro Matic CO2 Regulator
Micro Matic Keg Spear A-system
Valpar Micro Matic Tubing
Micro Matic Katrine font in bar
Serving beer from Micro Matic tap
Super Hero font in Night Club
Micro Matic FlexiDraft™ in bar
Micro Matic Lotus Font in bar