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-Because better beer sells better

The game-changing draft beer system

It's a fact that the craft beer boom changed also the world of dispense. The consumer expects a wider offer on beer types and brands. And in most countries draught beer is still having the highest reputation. This means that the restaurant sells more draft beer but less beer per tap.

To keep the quality under control, it therefore makes sense to connect smaller kegs, keep the kegs under cold conditions and use a system that allows the highest quality even when the keg is on tap for more than a week.

Because better beer sells better

The answer to solve these issues is simple - FlexiDraft™! Everywhere around the globe there is a big risk that the beer quality gets lost between the keg and the glass. This is especially valid for smaller outlets and outlets serving special beers where the keg rotation is low.

How often have you tasted a poor draft beer in a hotel bar or a small outlet? Hygiene problems are the main issue but with the FlexiDraft™ One-way Beer Line you avoid any kind of infections.

But also the control of temperature and CO2-pressure is much easier as the keg is stored at drinking temperature and the thermostat and reducer settings can be fixed by the brewery. And finally there are also clear economic benefits: There is less beer wastage, no cost for cleaning and higher sales due to beer perfect quality.

FlexiDraft™ is mainly used for smaller outlets or bars which want to offer a high variety of special draft beers in premium quality. FlexiDraft™ fits all common spear systems, different beer types and suitable fridges for all keg sizes and outputs.



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