Odense, Denmark, 2 July 2021

Micro Matic acquires Australian market leader in dispense equipment, Andale Beverage Systems

With the acquisition of Andale Beverage Systems, Micro Matic has become a full service supplier ofdraught beer equipment to the Australian beverage industry.

Andale Beverage Systems is Australia’s largest manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of draught beer equipment. The family-owned business was founded in 1946 by Henry Anderson and Wally Dale.

Andale began as a producer of machine work but only a year into business, the company began manufacturing beer taps. This soon evolved into the manufacturing of a range of beer dispensing equipment. Andale has a long history of innovative solutions, and in the 1960s, the company was first to introduce stainless steel beer dispensing equipment in Australia.

From the early 1980s under the guidance of Managing Director Kevin Dale, Andale grew from a small manufacturing company to the Australian market leader in beer dispensing equipment. Andale employs 52 people and have warehouses, sales, service and installation teams in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne to complement Andale’s manufacturing facilities in Victoria and New South Wales.

Since the 2000s the third generation of the Dale family continued to build Andale with their father Kevin. With Chris, Matthew and Lucas taking care of the day-to-day operations at Andale the company continued to grow. Both Lucas and Matthew will remain as managers and after the acquisition.

"Becoming part of Micro Matic allows us to utilize positive synergies. We will continue our current business with the addition of valuable knowledge, know-how, and organization from Micro Matic", says Andale CEO, Lucas Dale.

Micro Matic and Andale have been partners for many years, as Andale has been the Australian distributor of Valpar Micro Matic beverage tubing since 1998.

"Andale is a solid company with talented employees and leadership. For Micro Matic, the acquisition is a great leap forward in Australia. Micro Matic becomes the market leader with our own manufacturing and installation business. And with our broad range of quality products, we can further strengthen Andale’s position. We intend to integrate our current Australian organization into Andale’s organization and keep the best of two worlds", says CEO of Micro Matic, Søren Vilby.

Like Micro Matic, Andale has been affected by COVID, but because they operate in all Australian states and haven’t been subject to lockdown, the company saw only a small decline in turnover.

Please contact Søren Vilby, CEO, Micro Matic A/S tel. +45 63 17 42 02 or Lucas Dale, CEO, Andale Beverage Systems tel. +61 403 185 674.

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