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Career at Valpar Micro Matic


At Valpar Micro Matic we are deeply committed to a set of company values supporting our vision and business offering. Our employees worldwide are united by one goal: We want to be best in class - in innovation, in  customer service, in sales & marketing etc. We support an entrepreneurial mindset and encourage all employees to provide input to how we can create innovations that brings true value to our customers.

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applicants regardless of age, gender, race, religion or disability.

Valpar Micro Matic is always looking for suitable sales personnel and engineers to join our team. If you are interested in a position with Valpar, please send your CV to indicating which role you would be interested in.

Micro matic worldwide

As part of the Micro Matic family, you can also find many other positions worldwide.
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Valpar Micro Matic has received support from Invest Northern Ireland under the European Union’s Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme.  

The support is geared towards Valpar Micro Matic’s growth plans which involves R&D to design and prototype new products within its portfolio and to grow its customer base around the globe.  
This investment is a milestone in the strategic growth of our Valpar Micro Matic, which will help assist Valpar Micro Matic introduce a new range of products and potentially increase worldwide sales.