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Best in class

sustainability​​​​​​​ and Quality is in our DNA

​​​​​​​At Valpar Micro Matic, we know that the future of our planet depends on sustainability.
Thus, we have taken the necessary actions by changing our daily behaviour as a company and as individuals.
At Valpar Micro Matic, we continuously push ourselves through our quality, sustainability, and health & safety policies and commit ourselves to follow concrete actions to better our planet a better place to live.

Our business activities, products and services are all characterized by the quality and pride of accountability that are well known to our customers and lived up to by the employees of Valpar Micro Matic.

What we do and how we work is distinctly Valpar Micro Matic. Ethics, integrity, innovation, knowledge, experience and quality exist in everything we do.

Quality is our most important focus points and we did inaugurate a TEST LAB in our headquarter in Odense to insure that we constantly live up to our high standards. In our in-house TEST LAB we can carry out most international tests and collaborate with leading international test centres.

The TEST LAB is collaborating directly with our INNOVATION LAB who make running test during development to ensure all new products are developed with the maximum attention to necessary standards and requirements. All running productions are frequently tested to ensure our quality and to constantly focus on optimizing the quality of our products.

Valpar MICRO matic Quality Policy

  • We will be recognized as the organization in the world which cares most about beverage dispense.
  • We will deliver innovative, safe products and new solutions in high quality to the global beverage market.
  • We will ensure that our products and services always meet customer and regulatory requirements.
  • We will strive to be the best in class on quality and delivery performance. We will, through training, education, and information, ensure that our employees work consistently in accordance with our business plans and quality management system to support the quality goals.
  • We will develop and continuously improve our quality management system to support the daily business in the optimal way.
  • We will manage our internal production, by ongoing implementation of statistical process control and critical control points on relevant processes and continuous optimization of our production equipment.
  • We will ensure the quality of sub supplied parts, by entering into strategic cooperation with selected suppliers and regularly audit their performance against Micro Matic A/S procedures.​​​​​​​

Download certificates:

ISO 9001 Certificate (SGS)
ISO 14001 Certificate (SGS)
Authorisation Certificate (BAM)
Kontrolrapport (Fødevare-styrelsen)

Towards a greener future

At Valpar Micro Matic we commit ourselves to following national and international environmental legislation. We care about the environment and take pride in powering sustainability, both within the organisation and beyond.

Our commitments are reflected in our Code of Conduct, procedures and policies.


  • We will in product development ensure that environmental evaluations are made of choice of raw materials, processes, products, and disposal, to minimize possible negative environmental impacts.
  • We will continuously monitor the consumption of resources and aim to reduce the impact of environmentally damaging resources.
  • We will, through effective management and the internal environmental organization, ensure that our employees are involved and motivated to minimize risks on safety, health and the surrounding environment, and to reduce resource consumption.
  • We will comply with compliance obligations, as well as allow our policy to be available to interested parties upon request.
  • We will protect the environment and prevent pollution and we will continuously improve the environmental management system in order to improve environmental performance.
  • We will improve our environmental impact by ensuring that environmental issues can be addressed
    in an open and positive atmosphere, with the internal environmental organization and external bodies.
  • Continuous improvements will be reflected in our business and strategic plans,
    with due consideration to the impact on the financial capability of Valpar Micro Matic.