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Micro MAtic

Vision & Strategy

At Micro Matic we strive to shape our future guided by a clear, long-term strategy based on our purpose, our vision, our mission and values.

We want to reach our strategic targets in a sustainable way. For Micro Matic sustainability is not a department or a report but a way of doing business.

By our market leadership and global reach we are committed to improve working conditions, promote inclusiveness and care for the environment to build a sustainable future.

Vision statement

"We will be recognized as the organization in the world that cares most about beverage dispense.
We will do so by delivering innovative high quality safe products and new solutions to the global beverage market"

It is our aim to generate sustainable profitable growth through to 2024 and beyond and to achieve this, we will:

• Strengthen our core business within draught beer dispense equipment
• Grow new business opportunities within draft dispense solutions

We will do so by becoming more customer-focused, more innovative, pushing agility and supporting digitalization in everything we do.