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Better beer
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FlexiDraft™ is a revolutionary draft beer system. Its unique disposable One-Way Beer Line means no cleaning and no maintenance. And as the beer is always stored cold, FlexiDraft™ also extends the fresh life of beer in a broached keg from 6 to 30 days.

With FlexiDraft™ stagnant beer in long lines, time-consuming cleaning and frequent maintenance are things of the past. Once a keg is empty, you simply dispose of the patented One-Way Beer Line, fit a new one and you are ready to go.

The One-Way Beer Line fits all standard keg connections and a FlexiDraft™ keg change takes seconds, rather than the up to 45 minutes it can take to clean a conventional line.

In this way, FlexiDraft™ eliminates hygiene issues, reduces downtime, extends the beer shelf life, cuts operational costs and ensures that your beer is always kept fresh and non-contaminated - just the way your brewer intended it! .

​​​​​​​Brewing new
​​​​​​​business opportunities​​​​​​​

No cleaning cost

  • The full beer line is replaced with each keg change. No cost for line cleaning services and no maintenance
  • To replace the single-use beer line only takes seconds, which also means no downtime on a busy night

Always perfect taste

  • Beer is always kept cold and perfect hygiene is built in
  • Pressure and dispense temperature are pre-set for optimum quality
  • The result is perfectly tempered and carbonized beer, served as the brew master intended it to be

Fits all keg types and interfaces

  • No need for new packaging
  • FlexiDraft™ fits to your existing keg fleet, no matter which size or spear interface

Serve beer from new locations

  • Serve beer from alternative locations e.g. on the beach front, outside your restaurant/café or from new locations in a stadium/arena

Plug'n draft dispensing

  • The headline says it all. Just plug the FlexiDraft™ unit to the power supply and you are ready to go!​​​​​​​

Extended beer shelf life

  • The perfect hygiene and the cold storage mean that the fresh life of a broached keg is extended to 30 days, allowing you to serve beers with lower turnaround ratio - perfect for specialty beers


​​​​​​Flexidraft™ video:

the one-way beer line wonder



  • With FlexiDraft™ you replace the beer line with every keg change, eliminating the need for line cleaning. Changing the beer line takes seconds, rather than up to the 45 minutes it can take to clean a conventional system

  • The single-use beer line is made of recyclable plastics (polypropylene, polythene and polyoxymethylene) and can be disposed of as normal household waste. For an even more sustainable disposal, the single-use beer line can be separated into the spout/coupler part and the tubing. The latter can be disposed of as plastic waste depending on local collection and recycling infrastructure
  • FlexiDraft™ fits the standard keg interface systems A, D, G, M, S and KeyKeg, and will thus allow you to create new business opportunities re-using your existing keg fleet. The single-use beer line is connected to the keg spear via the FlexiDraft™ coupler

  • The FlexiDraft™ single use beer lines are available in 2 versions:
    Ø4 mm Beer line, transparent tube (for beers with working pressure below 1.1 bar)
    Ø3 mm Beer line, blue tube (for beers with higher CO2 content and working pressure above 1.1 bar)

    Please refer to the guidelines from the brewery for the right working pressure settings.

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A strong solution
for any need

AirBar by FlexiDraft™
FlexiDraft™ STAR
FlexiDraft™ UC

Design your
​​​​​​​own FlexiDraft™


​​​​​​​Strong brands run FlexiDraft​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​FlexiDraft™ can be found in more than 8.500 outlets across the world. And that number is growing fast. More than 80 local, regional and global brands already use FlexiDraft™.

This widespread popularity is due to the possibility of selling draft beer from alternative locations and because the draft system powerfully reinforces the quality of any high-end premium beer.

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