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flexidraft™ COUNTERTOP


In our constant quest to provide the most versatile, practical, and hygienic ways of serving great, fresh beer, we have now developed the ultimate compact solution.

FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP is perfect for locations that don’t have the turnover or space for our under-the-counter, free standing, or wall-mounted systems, but still want to offer their customers great-tasting draft beer.

Like the rest of the FlexiDraft™ series, the COUNTERTOP features our unique, one-way beer line. This not only offers maximum convenience but also means that every beer tastes perfectly chilled and refreshing.

So if you have customers looking for a cost-effective and simple way to serve draft beer, you’ve just found it.

flexidraft™ COUNTERTOP


Everyone who enjoys a cool beer knows that there’s nothing like a well-served glass, straight from the tap.

Every hospitality venue would love to offer that service to their customers. It’s just that not every small family bar or restaurant has the space or the time to be bothered with traditional serving solutions. So their customers are stuck with cans or bottles.
Not anymore. FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP is small enough for the coziest, most compact location, and light enough for anyone to handle.

The practical and smart cabinet holds a 10-liter keg of fresh beer and comes with its own chilling function and internal CO2 supply. The unit itself is approximately 60 cm x 35 cm (D x W) and simply plugs into the nearest standard wall socket.

As with all other FlexiDraft™ dispensing units, the beer is stored cold, which extends the fresh life of beer in a broached keg to 30 days.

flexidraft™ Countertop

proven technology and fast cooling

Inside the cabinet, the 10-liter keg is wrapped in a stainless-steel sleeve. Cooling the sleeve rather than the air – a process called ‘contact cooling’ – is the fastest way to chill small volumes of beer.

For maximum versatility, the FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP unit can be used with both 10-liter slim kegs and the popular single-use plastic 10-liter KeyKeg.

Although chilling time depends on the ambient temperature, you can be up and running and ready to serve great draft beer with FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP in just a few hours.

Nothing to install, no modifications to make. Just place it on the countertop, plug it in, cool down, and serve!

Countertop by flexidraft™

BRAND YOUR Countertop!

The FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP can easily be branded with your logo and corporate colors.

Choose an individual design or image, or simply leave it unicolored and sharp. Let the FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP become part of your image.

All you have to do is provide us with your artwork in an appropriate file format. We then take care of everything else – even for very small batch numbers.

flexidraft™ COUNTERTOP


Thanks to its compact size and minimalist yet rugged design, FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP offers a new way to serve draft beer that ensures minimum waste. No waste of space, no waste of beer – and no waste of selling opportunities!

The small bar and restaurant business is amazingly competitive. With FlexiDraft™ COUNTERTOP, your customers now have a way to boost the attractiveness of their offerings, without a major outlay of cash and with minimum energy use.

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