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Flexible Polyamide heat and light stabilised tubing which conforms to DIN73378, DIN74324 and ISO7628.

Standard airbrake products are manufactured in Polyamide 11 or 12 which are available in HIPHL, PHL & PHLY grades.Polyamide 1010 is also available upon request

Tubing is manufactured to DIN 73378, DIN74324* or ISO 7628 Standards

-60°C to +130°C

**For service temperatures above 80°C, tubing should generally be made from heat-ageing stabilised moulding materials. Where tubing is intended to be exposed to direct solar radiation, the addition of carbon black to the moulding material is highly recommended.

Valpar airbrake tubing has been designed to meet the rigorous needs of the global airbrake market.
Tubing is manufactured with 100% virgin raw materials containing heat and light stabilisers and providing a superior resistance to oil, abrasion and demonstrate excellent chemical resistance. These tubes are recommended for use in the truck and trailer market, buses and other mobile airbrake applications.

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* DIN74324 tubing only available in black.

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* Other colours available on request

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