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Valpar Micro Matic can manufacture any Taped, Easyfit or Cabled python with the outer protection coloured for ease of identification and customer brand recognition.

N.B. Does not apply to flame resistant/marine pythons


  • Easily identified and brand recognition.
  • Designed to give maximum thermal transfer between cooling and product lines, ensuring lowest possible dispense temperature.
  • Lines manufactured to close dimensional tolerances to suit both internal (barb and clip) and ’push in’ fittings.
  • Consistent product performance.
  • Fully customisable for individual requirements.
  • Tubing within the python can be cabled to allow greater flexibility of the overall python, reducing the minimum bend radius.


  • All tubing materials comply with EU Regulation 10/2011 - plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
  • In compliance with the relevant paragraphs of FDA Code of Regulation, Title 21.
  • Python is fire rated to BS476, Part 7, Class 1 (Surface spread of flame).

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