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T-Guard +

Historically, flexible PVC products were manufactured using plasticisers which included phthalates. In recent years this class of material has been identified as having carcinogenic potential as well as generally being hazardous to one’s health.
It is for this reason that Valpar Micro Matic is excited to introduce a new PVC product to its range, T-Guard.
T-Guard has been developed using a phthalate free plasticiser, intended to provide our customers with both peace-of-mind, and a product which leaves no room for any compromise in quality.


  • Offers high flexibility and kink resistance.
  • Organoleptic testing has shown that T-Guard has a significantly low potential of tainting and imparting notorious ‘plastic’ flavours into beverage as seen with other PVC tubing.
  • Braided versions of T-Guard which offer enhanced strength are also available.
  • A phthalate free tube which fully conforms to EU regulations.
  • T-Guard fulfils all requirements to gain SK certification for the German market.


  • T-Guard is approved by the German SK Zert Authority for dispensing beer, soft drinks and potable water.
  • T-Guard also conforms to the EU regulation for plastic materials which encounter food (EU 10/2011).

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