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keg spears

The Micro Matic A-system is a slide-on flat type spear with round flange design and single valve operation. The spear includes (optionally) the unique color and year coding for preventive maintenance as well as a range of optimized hygiene features to ensure the highest draft quality.

The A-system is made from high quality nickel-plated brass and a stainless steel probe, ensuring that all parts in contact with beer is made of stainless steel. Thus the risk of metallic off-taste is eliminated and your beer is served in the quality intended from the brewmaster.

Neck Types:
W2" x 14 TPI
RD 52 x 1/6"
RD 52,8 x 1/6"
2 1/8" - 7 UN

– Installed in new kegs
– As replacement spear

TOOLS NEEDED for installation/Servicing:

#941-012 Decompression Tool
#941-031 Spear Rejection/Injection Tool

#941-903 Spear Disassemply Bench​​​
#941-098 Gasket Mounting Cone​​​

Leak Testing:
#940-036 Leak Testing Tool​​​

#941-039 Spear Body Fixing Tool 1
#941-054 Spear Body Fixing Tool​​​ 2
#941-031 Spear Rejection/Injection Tool
#940-049 Adapter​​​

​​​​​​​​​​REPAIR PARTS:
– Micro Matic recommends replacing parts marked #1-4 at right when rebuilding this spear.
– Closely inspect all other parts listed; do not reuse if damaged or excessively worn.

Description:Item Number:
1.CO2 Valve - Color102-379
1.CO2 Valve - Black102-549


O-ring must be wet when the spear is installed.

Servicing video

Servicing manual

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