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regulator phase-out

from Premium
​​​​​​​to premiumPlus

setting the industry standard
Micro Matic is committed to producing the best quality gas equipment in the industry. Produced in the EU, every regulator that leaves our plant goes through a rigorous quality control testing process ensuring accuracy, reliability, and optimal performance in the market. Our Premium and PremiumPlus regulators offer industry-leading features, providing a better performing, better quality, and better-tested regulator.

From 2 to 1!
For a number of years Micro Matic has been offering two parallel product ranges in high quality pressure regulators; the original Premium regulator series and the optimised PremiumPlus series. In order to ensure that we can develop even better solutions, we now want to focus all of our attention to only one product range.

Consequently we will phase out the Premium regulator series, effective 1 January 2024. Please be ensured that each Premium regulator can be replaced with a corresponding PremiumPlus regulator in even better quality and with more feature options.

What does this mean to you?
If you are currently purchasing Premium regulators from Micro Matic, you will be contacted by your local sales representative and will recieve detailed information on how to switch to PremiumPlus.


Last date for placing orders for Premium regulators:  30 September 2023

Last delivery (shipping date) of Premium regulators: 31 December 2023

If you already now want to learn more about the phase out and what this will mean to you, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page or contact your local sales office.

PremiumPlus - Strong benefits


From good to great

With Tamper Evident Ring

The PremiumPlus series comes standard with a tamper evident ring which will break if the regulator is opened. This means that you can easily check if the regulator has been opened by unauthorized personal.

From good to Great

Tamper Evident device on adjustment screw

The pressure of the PremiumPlus regulator can easily and precisely be set by using an Allen key on the front of the regulator. Due to the tamper evident device on the adjustment screw, it can easily been documented of the pressure has been changed by unauthorized personal.

From good to great

Full traceability

The PremiumPlus series is marked with a unique serial number, item number and production date. In the unlikely event that a recall is needed, it is thus easy to identify relevant items by the serial number and/or production date.

From good to great

Handle for easy adjustment

The PremiumPlus series is (optionally) available with a handle for easy adjustment of the pressure, which comes handy when frequent pressure adjustment is needed.

PremiumPlus 100

Critical Safety instruction

Please read the instructions carefully before you start using the regulator!

Get in contact

If you need further information about our Premium regulator phase-out,
please contact your local sales office or fill in the below form.