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Python & Tubing


Valpar Micro Matic, based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, was the first company in the world to produce machine made python. Since this ground breaking invention, Valpar Micro Matic continues to be the world leading manufacturer of python and tubing.

Valpar Micro Matic’s patented core skills are single and multi-layer tube extrusion, bundling, shaping and welding and we offer innovative solutions to a diverse range of worldwide industries including beverage dispense, marine, caravan, automotive, pneumatics and medical.
​​​​​​​Our products are manufactured under the stringent quality control of ISO9001:2008 and environmental control of ISO14001:2004 ensuring customers receive quality products for every solution.

Standard or customer specific products

Valpar Micro Matic can also design products to meet specific approvals for specific industries. Valpar Micro Matic has the technical knowledge and know how to offer you innovative solutions for your application.  

New products and processes are always being developed and Valpar Micro Matic’s Technical Team continue to work on areas of particular interest to our quality focused customers. Valpar Micro Matic’s orientated approach to innovation delivers quality worldwide.

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Python & Tubing Catalogue 2020


The possibilities are endless …

Valpar Micro Matic are leading the way and are proud of our reputation as a global leader in our field in research and development.

​​​​​​​We do not only talk about, but actually deliver innovative ground breaking products and solutions for your challenges, helping you to protect and grow your business and brands.

  • A World Class team of engineers, development personnel and support staff in place and ready to take on your next challenge

Detailed knowledge of industry issues, systems and solutions. Valpar Micro Matic’s team have their finger on the pulse and work closely with other leading global suppliers to give you the benefit of full system approach.

Learn more?

If you have anything that you would like Valpar Micro Matic to look into, please contact us.

Valpar Micro Matic Ltd.
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Co Down, BT19 7QY
Tel: +44 (0) 28 91 454 544

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