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What is color coding?

The market leading spears from Micro Matic comes (optional) with a unique color and year coding for preventive maintenance.

Color-coding of the spears enables camera-controlled or mechanical separation of kegs that are due for routine, scheduled maintenance which Micro Matic recommends at approximately 7-8 year cycles.

​​​​​​​In 2021 the color-code was Purple; in 2022 it is Light Blue, and in 2023 it will be Magenta. (Note that there will be a 3-4 month transition period each year from one color to the next).

Below you can find the color markings for the years 2015-2026:

2015 Blue (RAL: 5010)

2016 Red (RAL: 3020)

2017 Green (RAL: 6032)

2018 Brown (RAL: 8001)

2019 Yellow (RAL: 1016)

2020 Rose Pink (RAL: 3015)

2021 Purple (RAL: 4005)

2022 Light Blue (RAL: 5024)

2023 Magenta (RAL: 4010)

2024 Light Green (RAL: 6019)

2025 Blue (RAL: 5010)

2026 Red (RAL: 3020)

Please note that the above screen colors are only indicative.  ​​​​​​​

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