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Restarting your flexidraft™ system

For FlexiDraft™ systems that have been turned off or if premises have been closed for 7 days or more, please complete the following procedure at least 24 hours before re-opening your premises and serving beer.

Cleaning of the condensator

1. Carefully clean the condenser protection grill with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Once a year please dismount the screws and remove condenser protection grill.

3. Carefully clean the condenser grill with a vacuum cleaner.

Further procedures

  1. Remove any One-way Beer Lines and kegs.
  2. Shut of the CO2-cylinder.
  3. Disconnect the keg couplers and clean it thoroughly in warm water.
  4. Clean all inner walls, floor, ceiling and inside door of the fridge.
  5. Turn on the cooling mode if this was shut off.
  6. Place the new kegs inside the fridge.
  7. Fit the keg coupler to the gas line.
  8. Clean the tower with a moist cloth.
  9. Open the CO2-cylinder and check for leaks.
  10. After 24 hours the kegs are cooled to dispense temperature and can be connected with the One-way Beer line.
  11. Always ensure that you have enough kegs on pre-cooling.

Pre-cooling of kegs

  • At any keg change please remember to put a new keg for pre-cooling.

  • Only store kegs in the FlexiDraft™ fridge. Do not use the fridge for storing of bottles, food or any other products.


  • Avoid unnecessary opening of the fridge door. Too frequent opening will cause heating of the keg, dispense issues and a higher energy consumption.