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A trace cooler is defined as a section of python that maintains product cooling between the main python and the point of dispense. It normally contains two cooling lines and one or more product line.
Lines may be performed to allow the trace cooler to fit into a font or bar counter box. It may also contain fittings to cool the tap and produce condensation.


  • Gives additional product cooling between the python and the tap or point of dispense.
  • Maintains product dispense temperature even during periods of low activity.
  • Prevents microbial growth in product lines due to lower maintained temperature.
  • Tubing within the python can be cabled to allow greater flexibility of the overall python, reducing the minimum bend radius.


  • All tubing materials comply with EU Regulation 10/2011 - plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
  • In compliance with the relevant paragraphs of FDA Code of Regulation, Title 21.
  • Trace cooler meets fire classification BS476, Part 7. Class 1.

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